A place to live

Finding the right place to live on Skye can be a big, and very personal, challenge. The island is considerably larger than many people expect, and the choices of location are wide.

The different parts of the island have quite distinct characters. Proximity to shops, employment and schools varies dramatically. It really is important to think carefully about location on Skye, and not to underestimate travel times. Living in the far north west adds more than 50% to the travel time to Inverness compared to living near the Skye Bridge. There are certainly no 'places to avoid'. It's just that some will work better for you than others, depending on your own circumstances and needs.

One risk you might not notice when choosing a house, especially if you've not lived this far north before, is that if it's tucked in below a big hill to its south, it may get no sun for months in the winter.

Most people moving here will have spent lots of time on Skye during past holidays, and will have a good idea of the geography. If you don't know the place that well, it is probably worth coming for a couple of weeks exploration before beginning to search for a new home.


Houses in Camastianavaig

Houses and businesses that are for sale on Skye can be placed with many different estate agencies. You will, though, find most of the property that is on the market by looking through these local agents' sites.

If moving to Scotland from elsewhere in the UK, don't forget that the Scottish legal system is not the same. You'll need one solicitor to deal with your sale and another one to deal with your purchase. There is a guide to the Scottish system of property purchase on the IOSEA website.

As well as habitable homes, the estate agents listed here also offer houses in various states of disrepair ready for refurbishment or rebuilding. There is usually a selection of building plots on the market as well. If you are considering having your new home built from scratch, you can find some good information on the locally based R.House website.

The local specialists are Scottish Removals. They looked after our move to Skye very well indeed.