The Red Roof Café opened in 2011 and has always been an excellent place. In 2019 it changed ownership and is now better than ever.  It is housed in a nicely converted barn in Glendale. To find it, take the Holmisdale road south from the junction by the village shop and Post Office in the centre of Glendale.

The limited lunch menu offers fantastic, tasty vegetarian dishes - many of them vegan - with wonderful home baked bread. The tea menu is anything but limited, with a wide range of tastes from around the world. They include teas made with foraged herbs, flowers, nettles and the like from Skye itself.


The home-baked cakes are off-the-scale awesome. They are original, interesting and extremely tasty. Petra is a virtuoso baker.

The Red Roof is fairly remote even by Skye standards. A place of this quality demands to be visited if you are exploring the Glendale area - perhaps for a walk to the lighthouse at Neist Point. And if you want nothing more than to experience a great, genuinely local treat for lunch, it's worth making a trip to Glendale just for that.

The Red Roof is open from 12:00 to 17:00 (Lunch until 15:00) Tuesday to Friday only. Booking is close to essential - you can call 01470 511304 from 09:00.