Ella's Café is a gem of a place just off the main drag in Uig. You'll find it just behind the petrol station in the big building on the left called 'The Shieling'. The building looks a bit shabby, but it houses a real treasure of local craft products, old books, clothing and gifts. To the right on entering is the cafe where Ella cooks and bakes some really wonderful stuff.

The excellent home made breads include focaccia, malted rolls and flatbreads. The scones and cakes are all wonderful. The Ecclefechan Tart is a favourite of mine - I can't get enough of it! The main dishes have a very strong bias towards vegetarian, with some superb chillis, currys, dhals and houmous. There are cheeses, salads and home made soup too - and a daily 'Specials' board.

Lots of the ingredients are from small local producers, including eggs, salad leaves, cooked meats, chutneys and jam. And there is a selection of good teas, decent coffee and some quality soft drinks.

All in all, Ella's is a lovely place for food bursting with natural flavours. She is open all year round, and in the winter you'll welcome the warm stove that heats the seating area.