The Three Chimneys Skye

The Three Chimneys holds long list of other domestic and international recognition and awards, including 5 Gold Stars from VisitScotland, a coveted Gold EatScotland Award and a 5 Star AA rating. It has had countless superlative critiques in newspapers and magazines and restaurant guides around the globe. It truly is "Skye's world famous restaurant".

The great thing is that the Three Chimneys is at least as good as it is made out to be. I simply cannot fault the place. The location, ambience and service are all wonderful. The food is so good it’s beyond my writing ability to do it justice. All the stuff you read about ‘fresh’, ‘local’, ‘seasonal’ ingredients will come to glorious life in front of you. The presentation alone is a joy – beautiful but without pretence. When you've sampled the experience you'll not be the least bit surprised that the place is so celebrated. This really is world class dining. And it really is right here on Skye.

The restaurant has its own excellent and refreshingly up-to-date website where you will find all the details you need to make your reservation and to find you way there.

You wouldn’t expect this sort of experience to come cheap – and it doesn’t. But just how important is your children’s inheritance anyway? Go on, do whatever it takes. It will be worth it. Since our first visit as sceptics, we have returned as believers, as often as is seemly and affordable. I've yet to be disappointed by even one, single, tiny aspect of the experience. Prepare to be left with a big grin on your face for the following day or so...

Just take a look at this dinner tasting menu. Irresistible!