Places to visit


Armadale Castle


These are mostly places that can be reached by car or public transport. The list does include a few that require a bit of walking, but they are included in this section for completeness, and the walking will be mentioned in the description.

Skye has more than its fair share of duns, brochs, souterrains, standing stones, burial cairns and the like. Here are a few of the more interesting ones I have visited.

Although some of the very best beaches in the world are located in the Outer Hebrides and on the mainland of north-west Scotland, great expanses of white sand are not to be found on Skye. But there are beaches of various kinds around the island, and some of them are very fine in their own way. If you are lucky enough to find hot weather, and you fancy a bit of a paddle to cool down, here are some suggestions.

A choice of indoors, outdoors, or both. Good for those days of 'mixed' weather...
Maybe some ideas for a wet day!

Some random places around the island that I find interesting, but don't fit well anywhere else on the Skye Guide. Most of them are easy to reach without too much walking. The air crash site is an exception to that...

Caves, waterfalls, fairies....and dinosaurs!