Rha waterfalls
The  Rha Falls - Uig

A well hidden wonder in Uig is this magnificent double waterfall on the River Rha. It is easy to find though, close to the bridge that carries the Kilmuir road (A855) over the River Rha at NG395642.

 The picture above was taken after a couple of days of heavy rain, for which a sight like this is at least some compensation. The noise of the falls when in spate is thunderous, and the spray can make waterproof clothing a good idea, even on a dry day.

To access the falls, cross the stile just right of the road bridge as you look upstream. This leads to a short but steep climb above the river, where care is needed. There is a big drop on the left of the path. Very soon you will reach a wooden stairway that eases the descent to the side of the river. The falls are visible from only a few metres further on.