Castles and gardens

A choice of indoors, outdoors, or both. Good for those days of 'mixed' weather...

The ruins of Armadale Castle

Just north of the Armadale ferry terminal in Sleat is the Clan Donald Centre. Here can be found forty acres of gardens surrounding the ruins of Armadale Castle, a selection of waymarked walks and nature trails, and the excellent Museum of the Isles.

Dunvegan Castle from the southwest

Dunvegan Castle is probably the oldest inhabited castle in the north of Scotland. It has been occupied continuously by the Chiefs of the Clan MacLeod for more than 750 years. The present - and 30th - clan chief is Hugh Magnus MacLeod.

The castle is in a wonderful setting on the shore of Loch Dunvegan at NG247491. There is plenty of space for parking, toilet facilities, a gift shop and a decent coffee shop/snack bar called The MacLeods Table Cafe. It’s basic, but fine for family lunch.