Braes beach

Camas a' Mhòr Bheòil, (or Braes Beach) has a lot going for it:

  • It's fairly close to a road
  • It's sheltered and sandy
  • It has a shallow slope
  • It's close to caves, sea stacks and the site of an ancient fort
  • It has a superb view northwards up the Sound  of Raasay to Beinn Tianabhaig

To get to the beach, take the B883 from just south of Portree until reaching Gedintailor. There, take the minor road that runs parallel, but slightly further east. The path to the beach leaves this road next to a post box at NG525350, starting at right angles to the road over flat ground and then descending sharply to the shore.

You will see from the map that the beach is on the north side of a tombolo. The western end, where you arrive, is mostly of shingle, but the further you go, the sandier it becomes. At low tide there is a good expanse of firm sand at the east end.

Braes beach, Skye

There is plenty of interest beyond the beach as well. The tombolo leads out onto the peninsula of An Aird, where a stroll to the north leads to the site of an ancient fort, Dunan an Aisilidh. There is little left of the structure today, but its natural defensive positon atop a steep-sided platform is impressive, and is a nice place to sit and take in the views. The far (east) side of An Aird is surprisingly complex and interesting. It gives a good walking route along the top of some cliffs, from where you will see some good sea stacks below. For the more adventurous there are caves and arches to be found by exploring the east side below the cliffs. The best way to get there is to follow the shoreline round the south of An Aird. Do it shortly before low tide, and be sure to get back out again before the water has risen too far.

Cave at An Aird, Braes
One of the caves at An Aird