Talisker Beach

The beach at Talisker is a short, easy walk from the road. It is in a spectacular setting at the foot of Glen Oraid, sandwiched between impressive high cliffs, and with a huge sea stack and waterfalls to add to the scene. There is a wide sweep of sand below a bank of coarse shingle, though the available beach is much limited on high tides. Best to check tide times when planning a visit...


Looking down on Talisker Bay

Parking is available at the end of the public road at NG326306. From there, follow the sign "To The Beach" along the wide track that runs to the left of the gated entry to Talisker House. The impressive house, built in 1717, is the former home of the Macleods of Talisker. It was a place of call for Boswell and Johnson on their tour of the Hebrides in 1773.

The track passes (very) close to the house and carries on in a straight line all the way to the left end of the sands.

Talisker House