The sands at Camas Ban

Camas Ban is Portree's only sandy beach. You might think that would make it a busy place on a warm summer day, but it seldom is. Back in the early twentieth century small boats would ferry hoards of people back and forth across the bay from Portree Pier to Camas Ban. Today you either need your own small boat (a sea kayak is ideal) or you need to take a short pathless hike over some rough ground and down a steep slope to the sand. If you are reasonably fit it isn't too difficult - and you might even get the whole beach to yourselves.


Looking down the slope to Camas Ban

The way to the beach starts from the end of the Penifiler road at NG489416. Go through the gate that stops vehicles going any further and immediately leave the track, climbing slightly up the slope on the right. Then you should follow the crest of the ridge for a bit before finding a descent route to the valley on your right. A bit of a cattle track runs downhill from hetre and crosses a burn by a small group of trees. Once over the burn, head uphill until you see the beach below you. There are many sheep tracks you can follow down, but the easiest going is found by aiming towards the east (right) end of the sand.

Camas Ban, Portree