Remains of Dun Skudiburgh
The ruins of the buildings on Dun Skudiburgh

Dun Skudiburgh (NG374647) is a stone age enclosure in a spectacular defensive position on the west coast of Trotternish. It sits on a precipitously steep-sided hill, some 60m above the shore of Loch Snizort. On a fair day, a walk to the dun is a straightforward and pleasant stroll of about 4k return. In a northwesterly wind with a bit of rain, its exposed position could make a visit quite hellish. Pick a good day.


Dun Skudiburgh
Dun Skudiburgh from the south

A visit to Dun Skudiburgh can be combined with a walk to Ru Idrigill, the point north of Uig Bay. But to keep things easy, here's the route for direct access. Park in the big layby on the left of the Kilmuir road north of Uig, at NG385653. From there, walk a couple of hundred metres south and then take the track downhill on your right. Follow it towards the farm, branching off left on a clear grass track and continue to the coast. There you will be met by a great view of the 17m tall sea stack that sits next to the dun.

Stack of Skudiburgh
The Stack of Skudiburgh

The ascent to the summit and the walls can be made directly from here, keeping to the right of the crags at the top of the slope. It is though a very steep and, if damp, slippery climb. You may find it easier to walk anticlockwise around the base of the hill to tackle it from the north, taking the less steep approach that the occupants of long ago also used. You will see the marks of the walls that surrounded the flat summit, and the entranceway is clear too. In the centre is a teardrop shaped enclosure with walls that are still over 2m high.

When you've had your fill of the archeological interest, enjoy the views over Loch Snizort - to the Ascrib Islands, Waternish and the Outer Hebrides. This is a great spot from which to watch a big summer evening sunset.

Return by the same route.