Skye Weavers LoomThe pedal powered loom

At 18 Fasach in Glendale, Roger and Andrea produce a range of really fine quality tweed textiles on their pedal-powered loom. They make scarves and wraps, throws, clothing and furnishings. The colours and patterns are quite beautiful - and very much inspired by the local environment.

A visit to Skye Weavers is much more than just a shopping opportunity. The production process is fascinating, and some of the cobbled together home-made machinery is amazingly effective. The warping mill is based on a repurposed tractor rake!


Skye Weavers warping millThe warping mill

My guess is that you will want to buy some things from the wee shop when you visit. It would be hard to not find something you like here. And having the Skye Weavers labels makes anything from here a great gift from the island.

Maybe you'll want to combine a trip here with a walk to the lighthouse at Neist Point. But even if you can't make it to Glendale, you can always buy online.

Skye Weavers shopThe Skye Weavers shop