Many people visit Skye to go hiking and walking. Wherever you choose to stretch your legs, from a quiet stroll in the woods to the ascent of a Munro, you'll almost certainly find some wonderful scenery
The walks here are categorised as:

  • Strolls - short walks that are easy to navigate and are largely on tracks or paths.

  • Stretching - hikes that require reasonable fitness - even in fair weather. There is some simple scrambling on a few of them, but none require climbing skills

  • Moderate  - covering those in between.

Of course, you may find what I call a stroll to be a major expedition, or you may think that what I judge to be stretching is nothing much at all. It depends on your fitness and experience.
None of the walks here would frighten me under normal conditions, but the hills and cliffs of Skye can be dangerous places that deserve great respect. The weather is fickle and can be dramatic. There are places to fall off in these parts, and not all of them are at high altitude. It's a good idea to read this.