Cladach a' Ghlinne

This is one of Skye's outstanding walks in terms of views. The path along the east shore of Loch Scavaig gives probably the best of all vantage points to see the southern end of the main Cuillin range. As a bonus, Bla Bheinn, Marsco and Sgurr na Stri are also prominently in sight in the later part of the walk. To the left, and behind you, the islands of Soay, Canna, Eigg and Rum are all clear. And the destination - the beach at Camasunary - is a very worthwhile objective for the trip.


The route leaves the main Elgol road at NG520138, near the top of the steep hill up from the pier. It is signposted as a route to Camasunary, Coruisk and Sligachan. On the same post as the direction signs is this warning:

Warning sign

The risks are greater for those who venture further than Camasunary, but the advice is sound for all.

From the signs, head north up the dead-end road, past a couple of houses, and continue straight ahead along a fenced path. A gate at the end of this section leads to open country, over which the line of the path is clear. The temptation is to keep your gaze towards the mountains all the way, but there things to be seen and explored on this side of the loch as well. Look out for old forts and hut circles - in particular near the foot of Glen Scamadal, near the beach of Cladach a' Ghlinne.

View to Gars-bheinn and Sgurr na Stri

At the north end of the beach, the path climbs steeply and follows a narrow ledge along the top of some cliffs. Stunted trees clinging to the clifftop give some protection from the drop, but care is needed. At a point about 500m beyond Cladach a' Ghlinne there is an 'interesting' hazard (set your GPS to NG5188416833). Here, the true path turns very sharply right up a rocky outcrop. If you miss the turning, as evidently many before you have done, you will find yourself on the edge of the precipice, with nowhere to go other than turn carefully and come back! Soon after, the going gets easier again and you will see plenty of evidence of old settlement and agriculture on your final approach to Camsunary.

Once there, about two hours after leaving Elgol, you can find a good spot for a picnic and watch the braver souls heading for Coruisk via the Bad Step. To make a round walk, you can follow the army track over Am Mam to Kilmarie and return to Elgol by road. Otherwise, if you return the way you came, will be rewarded by great views of the islands as you approach Elgol.