Looking north from Glas Bheinn Mhor

Glas Bheinn Mhor (564m) does not feature in any list of frequently climbed hills on Skye. I do recommend it though. It is an excellent ascent for anyone who wants to achieve a summit with big views, without the effort or risk involved in some of the higher peaks. The navigation is very easy, the walking surface is mostly short-cropped grass and, although the hill is very steep on two sides, it it not precipitous.

The hardest bit of the walk is a steep and heathery section near the beginning. Once you are past that, it's all fun. And the views are great: To the north and east are the islands of Scalpay and Raasay, to the south, Loch Slapin and Rum, and all around is a panorama of higher peaks.

This route begins from from Luib, at the old road bridge over the Allt na Luibe (NG563277). The hill is shaped somewhat like the purple hazelnut caramel from Quality Street. The idea is to get onto the gentle north ridge and follow it to the summit. Head to the ridge, up the steepest slope of the day, keeping to the right of a very obvious 'peat slump' scar. A remarkable dry stone wall runs all the way up the ridge, over the summit, and on down the other side. You should aim to meet the wall at around NG557270. Then just follow it to the summit, keeping it on your left side.

The wall on Glas Bheinn Mhor

There is a cairn at the top where you can pause to take in the views, and marvel at the construction of the wall.  It is well over a metre high as it passes the cairn. Somebody must have spent years and years building it.