Ardtreck Point

Ardtreck Point offers an interesting walk of under 3 kilometres, taking in a fairly well preserved dun and some good views over Loch Bracadale. The going is a little rough in places, but with decent footwear there are no big challenges.

Beginning from near the end of the Ardtreck road at NG338354, follow the gated track that runs north past a couple of houses. The way is helpfully signed, and as the track reaches the high point, heading left across the field will take you to a pedestrian gate opening onto a patch of boggy moorland.


Sign to Ardtreck Point

From there it's just a case of following whichever sheep track you choose, always heading north-west, until you reach Dun Ardtreck.

The dun is of solid construction, with walls almost 3m thick. In the walls are passageways and stairs, still clearly visible. As with most duns on Skye, it sits in a very easily defended position on the cliff top.

Dun Ardtreck

Beyond the dun, sheep tracks continue above the cliffs of the west side of the peninsula. Following these will take you to the lighthouse at the point itself. Even better views can be had by cutting north-east to reach the top of the inland crags at NG336362. From there, perched above the lighthouse, you will have a panorama of Oronsay, Ullinish and the meeting of lochs Bracadale, Harport and Beag. A good spot for a picnic on a clear day.

To return directly from the light, head straight back along the spine of the peninsula. There is a pretty well worn path back to the pedestrian gate.