The Storr over Loch Fada

The summit of the Storr is the highest point on the Trotternish Ridge at 719m. The walk from the car park at NG509529 up the well maintained path to the Old Man of Storr is one of the most popular on Skye - and understandably so. There are good views across Raasay and Rona to the Scottish Mainland on the way, and the rock formations around the Sanctuary, including the 50m high Old Man, are exceptional and not to be missed. But it is well worth the extra effort to climb to the summit of the hill, leaving the wearers of fashionable training shoes and high heels behind you as you carry on upwards.

I have read several descriptions of the route beyond the Sanctuary and have not found one that is unambiguous. Here is my attempt to give a clear guide to the easiest way to the summit.


Storr pinnacles in the snow

Leave the Old Man on your left and follow a fairly well defined path to the point where is crosses a fence at NG500545. Cross the fence and follow a path that contours round to the north-west for about 150m. You will see a steep upward slope on your left and the view into Coire Scamadal begins to open up to the right.  The path soon reaches a point where it has collapsed into the coire. A few metres before that point there is a less obvious path that branches left and rises over a small outcrop of rock to gain the rim of the coire beyond. That is your route.

From here, the path is clear and easy heading north-west around the rim. Follow it to NG495550, turn left (west) and climb the gentle grassy slope for about 50m. Then turn left again and head south to the summit trig point at NG495540.


The best views are from the top of the cliffs to the east of the summit, from which you can look down on the tortured landslide topography where you left the crowds behind you half an hour ago.

Storr summit trig point