Healabhal Mhor (Macleod's Table North) is, despite its name (mhor=big), a little less tall than its 488m high neighbour, Healabhal Bheag (bheag=small). Its greater bulk earns it the name. Together, these are the two flat topped hills in the west of Skye known much more commonly as MacLeod's Tables. Everyone who has visited Skye must know them. They will also be likely to know at least one of the many legends that go with them. But why be satisfied by viewing them when there is so much to be gained by going to the top?

 Of the two, Healabhal Mhor is the more often climbed. It is probably the easier as well, although it is a fair old pull up the final slopes. My recommended route to the summit begins where the Osdale track leaves the Dunvegan to Colbost road at NG243462.

It is best to park a few hundred metres east of here to avoid causing an obstruction. Follow the track towards its end, but bear right off the track before infringing the privacy of the house that it serves. You should easily pick up a bit of a path that runs diagonally south-west over a spectacularly good example of lazy bed cultivation. The path continues above the gorge of the Osdale Burn, following its left (north) bank. At the end of the gorge - NG231451 - descend to the burn itself and cross to the south side. This would be a beautiful spot to rest or to picnic. Pity it comes so early on the walk!
View of Loch Dunvegan
From here, the real climb begins. Navigation is easy - just go up the way. It starts steep, and gets progressively steeper, but there is plenty of space to choose a zig-zag track to ease the effort. The views to enjoy on the way are pretty good too. The summit plateau arrives very suddenly indeed, and it seems unfeasibly big.  There is a good sized cairn near the middle that serves as a destination among the bogs, but the shape of the hill means that nothing much can be seen from there other than the sky. You need to make a circuit of the plateau's edge to take in the scenery. On a clear day the view of the Outer Hebrides is outstanding.
View south over Loch Bracadale