Loch SheantaOn the east coast of Trotternish, just north of Digg, there is a small parking place at NG469698.  From there, a well constructed path leads downhill to the holy loch - Loch Sheanta. The walk is short, less than 1 km return, and the navigation is easy. Loch Sheanta is quite magical. It is fed by the spouting of two of the purest, clearest springs imaginable, one at each end.  It glows with an electric turquoise colour from its depths, and you can see every detail of the bottom through the almost invisible water. That in itself makes the stroll worthwhile, but there is more to it than that.


This is a place of legend and religion, of pagan and Christian history. It is told that the spring at the north end has holy properties and can cure a wide range of diseases. Invalids are told to circle the spring three times deosil (clockwise) after drinking from it. Having tried it, I have to tell you that given the slope, mud and trees, circling it just once would be a challenge - even for the fit and healthy!

The sacred spring

The path ends above the east side of the loch. To reach the sacred spring, continue along the shore to the north end of the loch and ford the burn that flows from it. Return with care through the boggy ground on the west side for about 20m and then take a path up into the trees, where the spring is easily found.