Summit cairn on Belig

Belig is a shapely pyramid of a hill, rising to an interesting 702m summit between Loch Ainort and Loch Slapin. The views from the top are very good indeed, making it a rewarding outing. It can be climbed fairly easily from the shore of Loch Slapin, but the route from Loch Ainort  avoids all exposure and keeps the scrambling to a minimum, making the outing 'moderate' rather than 'stretching' in the categories used by the Skye Guide. This, then, is the route described here...

 Abhainn Ceann Loch Ainort bridge
The starting point for the hike

Start from the road bridge where the A87 crosses the Abhainn Ceann Loch Ainort, at NG538265. Follow the river south, taking advantage of the grassy banks for as far as they persist, and then strike out and up through the heather to gain the base of the north ridge of the hill. There are very few sheep tracks to help you through this tough section but, once on the steeper ridge, things get more pleasant again. Head straight up the steepening crest of the ridge and you will find a clear route up something of a chimney full of loose boulders. Keeping a hand on the solid rock at the side is comforting here, but it's an easy enough scramble to the top, where you will find yourself on a short, almost level, broad ridge. Now you can see the summit and the way up the final 200m is clear and easy. Although there are some big drops to your left, there is no need to get into any position that will feel exposed.

East from Belig
Looking east from Belig to Beinn na Cro, Beinn Dearg Mhor and Beinn na Caillich

Returning by the same route, avoid the steep chimney by heading left off the level stretch above it, dropping down to the moorland by means of an easy (and fun!) scree slope. It will be a much faster descent than was the way up.