Northwest from Sgurr na Stri

The outlook from the top of Sgurr na Stri is fantastic. Not only is it one of the best on Skye, but it can hardly be bettered anywhere in Scotland. The picture above, taken from just below the summit, is of Loch Coruisk and the main Cuillin Ridge. It is a truly awe-inspiring view.

Getting to the top of Sgurr na Stri (The Peak of Strife) is not technically difficult. The main challenge in this hike is the long path in from Sligachan and, of course, the seemingly longer tramp back at the end of the day. Overall it's an outing of around 22 km.

You can cheat a bit though, by getting on one of the boats from Elgol to Loch Coruisk and heading up from there. If you go back to Elgol the same way your total walking distance will be under 5 km.

Whichever route you choose, if the ascent is to be a hillwalk rather than a scramble you need to get to a cairn on Druim Hain, at NG501213. This cairn marks the high point of the path between Sligachan and Loch Coruisk, and is the place where the path to Sgurr na Stri heads off to the south.

Cairn on Druim Hain

From there, follow the ever-fading path as it rises gently along the west side of the hill. On the way you will pass above Captain Maryon's Cairn. This remarkable monument is a very well constructed 2m tall pyramid to the memory of the Captain, whose body was found having lain on this spot for two years after he went missing in 1946. The monument is marked on the OS maps, but it is not on any kind of path. If you want to see it at close quarters you must make a diversion. I think it worth the extra effort to marvel at the dedication of his friend who built this in such a remote spot.

Captain Mayon's Cairn

The plaque on Captain Maryon's Cairn

The way to the top soon becomes a case of gradually turning southwards and picking your way up the steep rock slabs until you reach the complex plateau on top. There are great views in all directions, so a lap of the area will be well rewarded. Nothing beats the vista over Coruisk though. On a fine day, you will want to stay up here for hours...

Sgurr na Stri summit

Lochan on Sgurr na Stri, with Bla Bheinn beyond